Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lace Blouse China Collar (SOLD)

The famous Lace Blouse China Collar!

Color: Off-white ..
Material: Lace and silky material-ish
Size: Fits till small UK 8
Price: RM32
Status: SOLD

Reason for selling:
I am just not feeling it when I wear it. Though hard to let go this one because it's so pretty! So, better hurry up and buy this before I change my mind >.< (price is cheap too)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checkered Wedges (SOLD)

Pictures credit to www.amazon.com
USD 49.99

But ours is this! Similar ey :)

the bows up close

Checkered Wedges anyone?

Item: Checkered Wedges
Condition: used less than 5 times, but it's like superb still (except the soles of the shoes, coz it's been to the shopping malls hehe)
Size: 37 (fits those whose feet measure at 24cm)
Price: RM40
Status: SOLD

Reason for selling:
Got bored of it. -.-

Pink Polka (SOLD)

Picture credits to Rockstarchicdarling.blogspot.com

Item: Pink Polka Dot Shirt
Color: Pink Polka
Size: UK6-UK8
Condition: Brand new, never worn. bought from another blogshop who bought from Rockstarchic.
Price: RM25
Status: SOLD

Reason for selling:
Doesn't look good on me.

(Perfect for casual day out with shorts, jeans, leggings paired with clincher, or even as formal shirt)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rose Clincher (SOLD)

Rose Clincher
Color: Black
Size:UK 6 and above
Condition: Not used personally, but it's like brand new. :)
Price: RM 20
Status: SOLD

Reason for selling:
1) It's a bit too loose for me

Wooden Fans (SOLD)

Color: Maroon, Teal
Condition: Never used
Material: Wood-ish
Price: RM 6 each

Friday, June 5, 2009

Floral Boyfriend Shirt (SOLD)

with belt/without belt? your choice :)

Color: Blue with florals *super pretty!*
Material: Cotton
Size: UK 6 till UK 8 maybe. Email for measurements :)
Condition: brand new
Price: RM 34
Status: SOLD