Thursday, November 20, 2008



  • Color: Lime Green (white tube not included)
  • Size: S-M
  • Condition: Worn at most 2 times (but I can assure you it's as good as brand new!)
  • Material: Stretchable type
  • Price: RM 20 (NOW RM 15!)
  • Status: SOLD

Saturday, November 15, 2008

White Knitted Top (SOLD)

Color: White/Off white

Condition: Worn less than 3 times.

Size: Fits S-L

Price: RM 30. (bought at RM 55)

Status: SOLD

Sunflower Maxi Dress (SOLD)

Color: Yellow (smocked bust, detachable strap, with sash)

Condition: Brand new! Never worn

Price: RM 50 (bought it at RM 60)

Status: SOLD

Pink Maxi Dress (SOLD)

The bright pink color can reallyyyyy brighten up your day! It's very rare that you get to find a maxi dress with sleeves :)

Color: Pink (smocked bust)

Condition: Brand new

Price: RM 50 (bought it at RM 60)

Status: SOLD

Blue Halter Dress (SOLD)

Halter dress anyone?
Well, I didn't know it was a halter dress, until I received it.
And being me (who doesn't wear halter dresses), I now decided to sell it off! :)
For girls with tudung, hey you can wear this too! (with layering of course ;-) )
So do email me if you are interested!

Color: Blue

Size: S-M

Condition: Never worn.

Type: Halter dress

Price: RM 30 for the dress.

Status: SOLD

Friday, November 14, 2008

Blook Me Up (SOLD)

This dress requires a person with creativity because I sure do not know how to work this dress!
Rest assured it has never been worn (only for trying purposes, and has never been washed/been out of the house - my sisters and I tried this on in my room but it just doesn't fit any of us).

Brand : Blook

Color: Brown (it has got sash!)

Size: S, but can also fit M/L

Price: RM 50.

Condition: Never worn.

Status: SOLD